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Overview of Real Estate internships
Real estate іѕ аll аbоut selling and purchasing properties ѕuch аѕ land аnd buildings. This industry cаn be а profitable business іf yоur qualitative research skills аrе exceptional. If уоu wаnt tо make а career іn thіs field, thе firѕt...view article page

Personality and choice of profession
One of the most important decisions you have to take over life is a choice of profession. Professional success depends largely on the relationship between personality factors and work content.   Theory of choosing your profession of John Holland is one of the best known theories....view article page

The first place
Stacks of paper, unopened emails, deadlines that crowd ... Concepts such as time management can be entangled and intimidating for some of us.  And then comes the need to establish and follow a plan for efficient use of time. An important thing on the agenda is setting up priorities....view article page

Rhetoric session
We always talk about "winning" or "losing" a dispute. Too often we forget that the simplest way to "win"  is just to avoid conflict situations. We can be persuasive, charismatic, influential, without participating in a fight. Femininity is not a vulnerability, but the greatest asset we...view article page

Theory vs. Practice
Admission to college for some young people may mean achievement, while for others may simply equate with the desire to obtain a diploma. You might wonder from where does come this difference between the two types of students. First are young people who struggle to obtain outstanding results in...view article page

How to fix a mistake at work
Man is fallible or so they say. Usually we fix bugs or just forget them and move on. Unfortunately we can not use the same strategy and you have to deal with our errors at the office. To make a mistake at work can be a problem, that may even lead to your dismissal. The main problems occur when...view article page

Six tips to become a leader
The role of women in the companies is becoming increasingly evident. And maybe now, in time of crisis, it's time to make yourself noticed and highlight your leadership skills. Here are some suggestions that we consider appropriate to make you noticed and to reach your target...view article page

Saboteurs of career
What differentiates a professional from one normal person? The experience and attention to detail! If the first is impossible in a short time, you can rematch paying enough attention to those aspects that can emphasize. Recruitment specialists had prepared a list of the most common blunders...view article page

How do you spend the first day of work
Do you remember how it was when you woke up early in the morning to go to office? How desperately you was looking for clothes, but you did not found them. If you would remember how things was, to face the first day of work in a new post. Difficult? Very! Perhaps the accommodation with your...view article page

Job hunting - basic rules
Searching for a job is not easy, especially in the current situation. It is therefore important to search carefully and you keep a steady rate. To be easier to organize we have prepared some basic rules that you can use when you go for a job hunting.  Whether you decided to do a resign...view article page

Six steps to be effective
Office work overwhelms you and until noon and already feel overwhelmed, tired, your head hurts and you can not concentrate. You might want to take a minute break and follow some of our advice to regain your forces. If you provide a break for a few minutes you could away of problems and you put...view article page

The ideal job for the ideal candidate
In recent years, we hear more and more often the voices of employers of human resource who concern about the fact that they find increasingly difficult to match specialists both in that position, and the organization itself.  At the same time people looking for a career move, or are in...view article page

Signs that you should quit your job
You are not excited by your current job? Relax, you're not alone! On the contrary, studies show that from 3 employees 1 is decided to leave current job and the 2nd would be willing to go for a much higher offer. But this dissatisfaction is not always finalized with a resignation. On the...view article page

How to manage problems in the office
We have to admit that not always we have milk and honey in the office. So maybe we should be a little more attentive to ways of managing problems in the office. What about an impossible colleague? How to say no to a project? Let's see what to do!  1. Be...view article page

Individual performance
Every company wants to be performance in the field in which they do business, which can ensure a significant extent of the success, stability and competitiveness in a market where players are more increasingly ambitious and promising.  There are several factors that can influence the...view article page

How to get rid of stage fright in the office
You have an important presentation today, but you barely remember your name? Your palms sweat, your hands do not listen and your voice trembles like you are followed by some norwegian wolves in a forest. How to get rid of stage fright that has seized you? Easy. We passed through it and so we have...view article page

Your career: it is or not what you wanted ?
You work for several years and have not yet reached a position that you want? Do you think this thing will happen in the near future or you give up your dream? We tell you to re-evaluate your career and to take into account some of our advice.  Among the many problems caused by the...view article page

How do I choose a good employer ?
Whether you are young graduates or we are experienced, all we are trying to identify a company profile in which we put the potential and develop as professionals. The starting point is the knowledge, at least in the areas of interest and our suitability to the skills and personal competencies....view article page

Energize your career
It seems you have reached a dead point of your career? Then it would be better to assess the situation and try to bring more energy to help you move on. How are you doing this? Relatively simple. Follow some of the steps proposed by us and you see the difference. We all felt at some point we...view article page

Crisis solution: Work at Home
For those who feel the full effects of economic crisis, working from home has become a necessity. Whether you need an extra income to balance the family budget or you need a job because you were fired, the number of those who work from home has increased substantially. Regardless of what drove...view article page

Highest Starting Salaries in 2010
The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reports that nearly one-quarter of 2010 graduates secured a job offer before graduation.Job offers were the most plentiful for new graduates who had majored in business administration, computer science, accounting, engineering, or...view article page

Does lack of a network matter in job hunting ?
Lack of a network is rarely a presenting problem. If you're really just afraid of looking for a new job you'd come up with a seemingly more difficult problem to overcome.Most jobs today are filled through personal contacts rather than ads. The search for expertise is the perfect cover for...view article page

Does education or experience matter in job hunting ?
If it's a question of quantity; say the job calls for ten years' experience and you only have seven, or it calls for a master's degree and you only have a bachelor's, this is your actual problem. But, if it's a question of quality, perhaps you're worried your diploma isn't from Harvard or your...view article page

How to determine the value of yourself in a company
If I ask for more they'll take back their job offer. Generally this isn't a presenting problem. However, I have come across one or two people who have used this problem as a mask for their feeling that they don't deserve the job offer they've just received....view article page

Does age matter in job hunting ?
Job-hunting obstacles are often twin problems. In one incarnation they're expectant problems, representing fears of what could or might happen, such as, "they'll think I'm too old." Their other embodiment is as an extant problem, representing something that...view article page

Two Problems of getting a job promotion
Obstacles to getting a job promotion are probably the most straightforward career problems. There are two basic problems: one expectant and one extant. Rarely is either ever used as a mask for another problem. They are completely rational. And thankfully, both have equally straightforward...view article page

Are you afraid of looking stupid during job interview ?
This is never the real problem. In some cases it's just a cover for a poor self-image. In most instances, however, the real problem is the fear of making a mistake in the interview, fear of not having answers to every question.If it's a cover for a...view article page

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