Is the Special Tax Rate on Dividends applicable for ADRs?
To begin with let us understand what precisely an ADR is and then go on to understand where it stands as regards to the Special Tax Rate on dividends. American Depository Receipts or ...view article page

Income Tax on Earnings, Pensions and Benefits
A tax can be defined as the fees incurred on the individual by the government on the product, income, or activity. This money is paid to the government. There are various types of taxes like property tax insurance tax etc. tax may be classified into direct and...view article page

Importance of Knowing Tax Tips
Every country has got its tax system, and be aware of countries Tax system is important. You should be aware of various taxes that the government for giving public services uses you pay. You are needed to file Income tax return in case you are making taxable sum of money. In case you have done...view article page

Importance of Paying Taxes
Every government needs money to perform civil operations and to administrate the running of the state. This money is generally collected from the citizens of the state in the name of the tax. So, it becomes virtually impossible for the government to run without the tax. Every state has his own way...view article page

Payroll taxes
An organization has a large number of employees receive a wage for their work done. Some staff May a stable salary requirements, while others are paid on the basis of productivity or the number of hours worked. All organizations, the staff are responsible for paying social...view article page

Estate taxes have to be paid
The tax base of a dead estate is determined by deducting the value of mortgages and other debt and the current value of all assets that are the property of the deceased and is part of his estate.Tax-free gifts to 1976 and before 2004, not covered by the federal government annual...view article page

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