Worlds Top 20 Richest Self-Made Billionaires Under 35
Some of the wealthiest, most successful entrepreneurs take decades to accumulate their fortunes when others strike gold very early on.A recent report from Hurun, a Shanghai firm that releases yearly rankings and research about the world's richest people, rounded up the latter group of...view article page

Basics of Baseball Card trading on eBay
Are you a baseball fan and someone who would love to make some extra money by doing something related to the game? Then trading Baseball Cards online through online websites such as eBay could be just up your alley! You can end up making profitable deals in both buying and selling baseball cards...view article page

About Financial Statement
What is Financial Statement ?Financial statement is a product of accounting cycle. It becomes an important part in business since it reflects the condition of entity, especially the financial information of entity’s condition. Stakeholders usually...view article page

Google, IBM, Apple - most valuable brands worldwide
Google, the company which owns the most popular search engine in the world, remains the most valuable brand worldwide, valued at 114 billion dollars, according to a Millward Brown Optimor top, which quantify the monetary value of consumer opinion on brands...view article page

Refinance, more trouble than it’s worth?
There can be no doubt that the current financial climate has had an effect on all of us.  Whether we believe we can sit out of the storm and come through unscathed or not, a great many people have thought about refinancing during these times.Refinance is...view article page

Refinance, the Online Guide
In recent months, we have seen a rapid decline in the social and economic structure of global business ventures.  This had inevitably led to a financial crisis that has rocked the very foundations of the monetary system.  We have all be effected by this and we have all felt a little...view article page

Three common problems when you terminate your employees
When you terminate someone it should be done as quickly and cleanly as possible. You want to be a human executioner, not a torturer who prolongs the employee's agony. That requires obsessive planning, scripted dialogue, and almost ritualized behavior. Offer...view article page

Three general problems when expanding a business
Expanding a business is like investing in the stock market. You're taking dollars, which could be more secure elsewhere, and risking them in an effort to generate greater long-term profits. In the short term, the effort may cost you money. But the plan is that eventually it will pay off in a greater...view article page

Two common problems when you want to find a good supplier
I'm afraid they'll drop me.If you're dealing with a "star" supplier this is a real problem. There are some suppliers who have so much leverage in an industry that they're not above pulling their product line from one business if they're unhappy with it...view article page

How to avoid problems with your vendors in small business
If you want to avoid problems with your vendors, make sure you're very important to them, more important than the amount of your bill might indicate. A vendor to whom you're just another customer, or just another dollar, is a vendor who won't deliver on time or provide what they promised.So...view article page

2 concerns before borrowing seed money for business start-up
I'm worried they won't like my idea (or} I'm afraid they won't think I can do it. These, like all other expectant obstacles about raising seed money, are presenting problem. Your real problem is that you don't sufficiently like your idea or that you...view article page

Home Business vs. Working from home
There is such a big difference between Home-based businesses and Telecommuting. If you aren't sure how to tell the difference, then it's about time you find out. What's the difference between buying an information package and paying for a job? How can you tell if a home based...view article page

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