How to get a higher salary from the beginning

We could say that money is not everything, but it is perhaps the most important aspect of our work. We will always hunt the best, biggest discounts and the best salary.

Here are some steps you need to respect it if you want a higher salary from the start!

How worth?
In the eyes of an employer that means "how valuable you are to the company?".

First you have to know the basic salary of the job to which you are applying. Then, starting from this experience of trying to see how many in the field who are your skills that you can use in your job and that is education regarding the job (I mean specialized courses, higher education, etc. ).

When you're applying, try to remove from consideration all these features, in hopes that the employer will see that you need.

The current salary.

If you want to change your job, but you will only resign when you have a secured job elsewhere, one of the questions in the interview certainly will be "What is the current salary?". This is a trap employer first to see if you're lying. The desire to have a much higher salary in the new job, many people lie when answering this question.

But nowadays fashion is that the company that you want to commit yourself to check and even your salary check. A good tip would be to not bring up salary until the end of the interview (or at all in the first interview) and if your question is put on the current salary trying to elude.


Salary is negotiated, and now is the right time to be shy. Even if your employer has made an offer, dares to ask for 10-15% more because they expect it. Most employers have not nailed wage and can bargain a little in your favor. However, if wages do not increase, you can discuss other benefits such as holidays. Do not talk about salary. As I stated above, if you bring up the salary question too early may not believe you let a very good employer.

Salary will be decided at the end of the interview, and not necessarily after you have submitted the qualities that make you the perfect employee for the job. If the interview is conducted in several stages, on different days, it might be an excellent idea to wait a second meeting to discuss salary.

Bids are not accepted immediately.

No matter how good the offer that your employer did not rush to accept the place. Thank the employer, then ask him little thought, at least one day. See if you advancement opportunities, as long as you can get a raise and were thinking you and the other benefits (health insurance, vacation, training, etc.). If an offer is too good to be true, it is possible to hide traps.

Do not ask too much.

I know I said that wages are negotiated, but you should not overdo it. Do not ask for a salary increase of 50% over your current salary, because more than likely that you will not be granted. Better grow slowly but surely towards a better salary.

[posted by : OFP on Mar. 07, 2016]

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