Forex trading - an Intro

Forex or Foreign Exchange trading refers to the buying and selling of various currencies belonging to different nations of the world. The trades typically happen in currency pairs – that is, a trader buys one currency using another and these two currencies are referred to as a pair. For instance, a person might want to trade in American dollars and British pounds.

So when the price of British pounds is lower he might buy them using his US dollar as the investment. Later when the British pounds value climbs higher he can sell them and get more dollars than what he invested originally, thus making a tidy profit.

The Forex market is one of the busiest and fastest changing in the world. The turn over here is several times higher than the stock exchanges that operate around the world. As the Forex market involves trading of currencies belonging to countries across the world, this market operates all day long and is open 24 hours a day, all days a week.

The currency rates are governed by several factors including economic conditions in a country like the GDP/ loans/ import & export etc., political scenario like the stability of a government, the climatic conditions like monsoon etc.  The major players like large banks and corporate companies also have a role in the value of a specific currency.

There are certain currencies which are considered major as they contribute to the main portion of the Forex trading that happens. Some of the major currencies include US dollars, British pounds, Japanese Yen, Euros and so on.
Though the entire process of Forex trading sounds easy, there are quite a few pitfalls to be considered by novices. When a person gets into the Forex market without knowing much about the currency movements and the variables surrounding them, there is a grave risk of big losses.

So if you are thinking of playing in the Forex world, you should ensure that you gain enough knowledge about how the whole trading business happens, what are the risks and how to avoid them, find a good Forex broker with a commendable reputation, get an online trading account and automated software for Forex trading, if required.

If you are in a position to allocate some time everyday to watch and analyze the happenings in the Forex market, you might be willing to place the buy and sell orders personally with your broker. But if you are busy with your professional commitments but at the same time are keen to make extra money then reliable Auto Forex Trading software can be of help. Using such software, you can set up certain parameters like the rates at which to buy or sell currency, risk parameters, quantity to buy or sell etc. and the software can trigger the necessary orders and carry out the trading through your broker without any intervention from you.

The truth is that a person can learn by making some mistakes and the same is true for the Forex market too. As long as you are careful and restrict your losses, you should very soon be in a position to start making profits in Forex trading which can keep increasing with time.

[posted by : OFP on Mar. 03, 2012]

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