Basics of Baseball Card trading on eBay

Are you a baseball fan and someone who would love to make some extra money by doing something related to the game? Then trading Baseball Cards online through online websites such as eBay could be just up your alley! You can end up making profitable deals in both buying and selling baseball cards this way. You can be successful in this market with a good comprehension of baseball cards – their present value, current trends and the existing demand. Here are a few tips to help you make cheap buys and lucrative sales:

1) Surfing for deals at odd times during the day.

This could be really useful for the simple reason that the best baseball card deals can be had at certain hours. For instance, most Americans are free at home between 6 and 10 PM and any seller wanting to put up his cards typically chooses this time frame. But, this is also the time when there are many buyers vying with each other for any given card. So obviously the price is likely to be struck at a higher level.  Therefore it makes more sense to search for best baseball card buys either during the day or late at night when you can click with better success on the "Buy it Now" button.

2) Look for card deals people with sound reputation.

If you buy from an eBay person who has 100% feedback, you are likely to get baseball cards that have been well-maintained and are valuable enough to re-sell at a profit. For instance, you can figure out if the seller has sent his cards in earlier deals without damage, how long he took to send it etc. It could also be worth your while looking for a seller who sells baseball cards among other items because such a person is not likely to know the precise value of cards and might just pass on really valuable ones at reasonably low prices!

3) Graded baseball cards.

Getting baseball cards that have been graded by reliable companies like Beckett or PSA could be the best method to ensure that you get cards guaranteed to be just right. Of course, ungraded cards would come cheaper and if you get some valuable ones, your profits could be much higher!

4) Choosing misspelt EBay listings.

This is really an insider trick. For example, you are looking for a Mickey Mantle baseball card, you could just try searching for “Mickey Mantel” and end up getting cards that are available for a song simply because no buyer has spotted and bid for them. 

5) Become a niche specialist.

Slowly but surely, you could build up a reputation for yourself as an expert in a certain niche by aggressively buying in that specific specialty. For instance, you could become a "tobacco" card expert and people who want to buy those cards will throng your sales, giving you much higher profit possibilities.
By following these tips and with your basic knowledge about cards, you should be able to decide which buy would make business sense and go with it!

[posted by : OFP on Feb. 24, 2012]

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