Buying Pips using Forex Trading Signals

There are different categories of forex trading signals and the services are offered either through monthly plans or weekly plans and subscriber might feel that if the signals which are offered per months are low, then they can get more losses.  When subscribers purchase trading signals, rather than putting them on recurring plan, there should be a way for the person to purchase the pips required for making the service. The system executes in the following method, “The subscriber would try to make the decision initially and then the pips will be decided based on the profit expected”. After deciding the numbers of pips, they shall choose from various plans that are offered through such services and when more pips are present, the pip cost would be much cheaper.

The major advantage of such services would be that subscribers would attain signals from various providers till they manage to gain the values of pips which they have purchased. Actually, this is similar to prepaid Sim cards in which prepaid minutes can be purchased earlier.

In regard to forex trading, we can purchase pips in advance. Another advantage, if any boy chooses for discontinuing the service, the subscribers would attain the pips which they have not gained. Many signals providers will provide such facilities. If it is not given by them, they should be more cautious.

Modes of Payment:   
The safest way to pay for such services will be through PayPal. If signal providers do not accept PayPal payments, then we must be very careful about it.

Trading Style:
The most important thing to be considered would be the trading style of signal providers. Some of them offer scalping traders, for the sake of some swing trades and intra-day trading. We must ensure that to first find the trading style in which we are comfortable before we sign up. If we are happy with swing trading, or if we posses very limited trading, we shall stop using forex signals. In the opinion, swing trading will be the best thing we should consider since we can become very rich instead of reducing the costs in terms of spreads we provide to the forex brokers.

We should also hold forget and set service which can offer us some rest. Since we have to be stuck with screen and we can check the indices of market, only once every day. We should try to retain the points which have been told in this article to retain pips with help of prepaid pips and we can go through long way in increasing our trading profits.

[posted by : OFP on Feb. 16, 2010]

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